Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Greensboro-High Point metro area tops food hardship ranking"

"According to the Washington-based Food Research & Action Center, which released its new rankings earlier this month, Greensboro-High Point's metro area is ranked No. 1 food hardship.

Greensboro-High Point moved from No. 2 to No. 1 in the annual review, while Baton Rouge, La., Fresno, Calif.; Bakersfield, Calif.; and Jackson, Miss. respectively filled out the top five positions.

The ranking is based on the percentage of households where members say that they did not have enough money to buy food at some time during the past 12 months. That number is 27.9 percent in Greensboro and High Point — significantly higher than Baton Rouge and Fresno, which tied for No. 2, with 24.9 percent of households experiencing food hardship. Nationally, 17 percent of households report experiencing hunger sometime during the past 12 months.

Among the causes of food hardship identified in the report:

“Many families simply do not have adequate resources — from wages, Social Security and other retirement benefits, income supports, SNAP and WIC — to purchase enough food.

Too many working‐age adults are unemployed or working part‐time jobs, but want full‐time jobs.

Many are working for wages that are not enough to afford the basics for themselves and their families. Income support programs like TANF, Unemployment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation are inadequate and increasingly difficult to apply for and maintain benefits. And while SNAP is critical in providing nutrition assistance to both working and non-working households — supplementing wages or Social Security or other sources of income — the benefits just are not enough for most families to make it through the month.”...

This is Greensboro

Our business and elected leadership is partly to blame for this disgrace.

Our City is run by an unselected few.

One owns the Rhino Times.

Another runs a foundation.

Others inherited family businesses.

Others tend to hang out at one of two country clubs.

These fine folks have profited by enriching themselves
with our City's tax base.

They profited by keeping Greensboro's poor, poor
while making them pay for it through a corrupted government
led by bought and paid for politicians
some of whom have no problem drinking from the same well.

These fine folks have helped run our city into the ground
by monopolizing on business opportunities
upon an unfair, stacked and rigged playing field
with league with a compromised local press
who can't report how the owner of the News and Record
rips off our poor living in manufactured housing, 
including Oakwood Homes.

That's why term limits don't happen.

When was the last time the News and Record 
or the Rhino 
wrote more about the importance of term limits
than issues like redistricting?

Parasites do the same thing.

Anything goes as long as the mayor etc... gets reelected.

Anything goes as long as the "news" papers don't report what they should.

Anything goes as long as our opinion leaders cower to their overlords
with lies of omission.