Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Joe Killian, who won't/can't help City employees; "Greensboro council grills DGI over performance"

"...DGI board member Dawn Chaney offered that about 300 jobs — mostly lower paying jobs in food service and hospitality — had been created in downtown Greensboro over the past year. DGI was “instrumental” in making those jobs happen, Chaney said.

Dawn Chaney 
isn't supposed to be serving on the Board.

When council members Sharon Hightower and Tony Wilkins asked Chaney to draw a direct line from DGI action to the creation of those jobs, Chaney said it was difficult.

What does "difficult" mean?

"Difficult" sounds like a euphemism for 'not true'.

DGI operates on a budget of just more than $1 million, which includes $488,000 in allocations from a special Business Improvement District tax and a $255,000 grant from the city.

Guilford County also contributes to the group’s budget.

Guilford County should cut funding for DGI 
at its next meeting, 
as DGI is corrupt to the core.

Tuesday’s discussion came amid controversy over the hiring of DGI’s next CEO. Councilman Zack Matheny has applied for the position.

Zack and Mike were at the meeting.

Zack shouldn't have any discussions with DGI
about the organization's funding, 
as he abused his position to apply for the job, 
and now he is involved in deliberations 
on whether or not to fund his new job.

Violation of oath of office.

Violation of the City's Charter
and Conflict of Interest Policy.

The rest of City Council 
is responsible for removing Zack Matheny and Mike Barber 
from any more contact and involvement
that has anything to do with DGI.

Zack Matheny should resign his City Council seat

Earlier this month, Hayworth told the News & Record that Councilman Mike Barber called her to say DGI would likely lose its city funding if it did not hire Matheny for the job.

Mike Barber is a known liar
and IMO, a sociopathic narcissist.

Barber said he made the call but not to deliver an ultimatum. He said he was just telling Hayworth that the council is frustrated with DGI’s lack of progress and that a lengthy search for its next CEO would make a cut during the upcoming budget cycle more likely.

Mike Barber should resign from his City Council seat

If not, Mike Barber should be prohibited from voting
or deliberations in any way connected to DGI
and anything to do with the Bryan Foundation,
the Wyndham Championship and anything having to do 
with Jim Melvin, Mark Brazil and/or Bobby Long

Mike Barber has abused his position to personally profit.

Mike Barber abused his position to try to remove Zack Matheny
from contending within the same Trudy Wade district, 
which Barber is a part of
by setting Zack up with a taxpayer funded gig.

I believe Mike Barber deliberately falsified IRS tax forms
and his City Council financial disclosure form
without repercussion.

I believe Mike Barber is scary evil.

“Local government could learn a great deal from the [taxpayer funded] golf tournament,” [Mike] Barber said. “You’ve got the same people and the same personalities. ...Local government can work like that too, when everybody agrees on a goal and decides to make it happen.”

Which Mike Barber profits from 
as a local government official.

While he’s participated in some heated exchanges from the dais at council chambers, Barber retains the politician’s personal touch...

This tournament is a special one for Barber. Two days after the event concludes, he’s packing up his family and moving them to Marbella, Spain. Barber’s children, ages 10 and 12, are studying Spanish, and the former councilman said he intends to take “a true sabbatical.” He’s wound down his law practice and sold his house.

What actually happened
before Mike Barber left for Spain?

Seems like he left in a hurry.

...Greensboro mayors who logged volunteer hours in the Jaycees during their young professional years include Carson Bain, Jim Melvin, John Forbis and Keith Holliday. Greensboro Jaycees who have gone on to careers in public service include ...NC Sen. Don Vaughan was a Jaycee from 1978 to 1986 or 88. Robbie Perkins, Greensboro councilman at large, might be the exception among Jaycees old-timers in that the organization was not his entry into local politics.

The Jaycees ran the tournament through the middle of the last decade before control passed to the Piedmont Triad Charitable Foundation.

To Mark Brazil, who makes North of 300k
who provided Mike Barber a car
when Barber got back from Spain.

...Jim Melvin is a triple-coater. He served as tournament chairman in 1963, Jaycees president in 1965 year and honorary chairman in 1986.

..."[The Jaycees] had lost a lot of members,” Tournament Director Mark Brazil said. “Really, the days of PGA tour events being owned by a volunteer group probably came to an end 15 years ago. The PGA came down on the Jaycees and said, ‘It’s time for a group of community leaders to form a new board.’ ...Bobby Long is the chairman of our foundation.

Bobby and a group of folks came in and basically saved the tournament...

...In the past four years, the honorary chairmen of the Wyndham Championship — essentially the event’s public ambassadors — have been business leaders from outside of Greensboro. Barber spoke glowingly of BB&T Chairman and CEO Kelly King [Megasite] from Winston-Salem

...King’s chairmanship of the Piedmont Triad Partnership [Megasite] and efforts to develop a regional strategy of economic development, along with his association with the [Greensboro taxpayer funded] golf tournament, echo the more parochial civic endeavors of the Jaycees leaders of the past.

...Bobby Long founded the Piedmont Triad Charitable Foundation. This is a wonderful group of people.”

Jim Melvin, Greensboros longest serving former mayor, was seated in the conference room at the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation, where he serves as president. ...Melvin remains closely associated with the tournament as a member of its executive committee, and the Bryan Foundation is a financial underwriter.

Our Oligarchs.