Monday, April 20, 2015

Leone Files Complaint In Barber Hayworth Case

Sal Leone e-mailed myself, members of the local media and others tonight to inform us that he has formally filed a complaint with the State Bureau of Investigation concerning possible fraud, extorsion and conspiracy charges leveled at Greensboro City Councilman Mike Barber by Downtown Greensboro Inc interum CEO Cindy Hayworth:

"Filed Public Complaint with SBI

 I think serious fraud or extortion so I filed a public complaint with the SBI, if it goes anywhere I don't know. The fact is someone is lying and someone got involved in a process he should of not. I wonder if that is normal conduct of a council member to call people for jobs for pals. I don't like fraud and I like it even less with tax payer money.


In discussing this on the telephone with Mr Leone we both agree that no matter who you believe the charges are serious and should be investigated at the state level. As an experienced police officer, Mr Leone has experience in these matters, has worked side by side with the SBI in the past and was quickly able to find his way to file the complaint.

Besides, it's not like we can trust City Council to do it.