Sunday, April 5, 2015

On the present Greensboro, North Carolina, the US and the rest of the world faces

"The crisis arrived in 2008 and the government responded with trillion-dollar budget deficits and quantitative easing on a multi-trillion-dollar scale.

...they have managed to keep this immense global economic bubble inflated through unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus in combination.

...that’s where we are now.

We still have a massive global economic bubble that the policymakers have continued to keep inflated. And that’s what they intend to continue to do because they believe – rightly so, I think – that if they allow it to melt down, then it’s going to result in a depression at least as bad as that of the 1930s and 1940s.

...they’re going to do everything in their power to prevent that from happening for as long as possible.

...we are on government life support.

...we have to rely on money creation on a trillion-dollar scale to keep our global economy from collapsing.


1) keeping the thing inflated

2) allowing a new Great Depression to wipe away globalization. And not just the savings of the American public, but a huge part of the global economy altogether.

Including the pension and retirement plans
of Greensboro's etc... employees.

...After a 50-year global economic boon involving what is now a $59 trillion expansion of credit in 50 years, this isn't going to be a one or two-year hard recession.

...This is the kind of depression we're looking at if we allow this $59 trillion credit bubble of ours to implode."
Our local, national and global economic and political leadership's power
is dependent on an unsustainable foundation.

If they aren't part of the solution,
they are part of the problem.

Those at the top get richer
while everyone else becomes poorer.

Those in political power are the pawns of the top 
like Roy Carroll's wealthy list.

They are going to build a giant monument to themselves
with a good chunk of taxpayer money
to spectate upon performances most won't be able to afford to witness
even though their tax payments pay 
for the Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center.

GPAC will be the symbol of our Oligarchy's excess,
with a nice park intended for Greensboro's white upper class
right next to it, 
with a great view for Roy from his perch. 

Cheers to the beneficiaries of artificial, government sponsored profligacy,
with an expiration date.