Saturday, April 4, 2015

On Roy Carroll etc...

It seems as though Roy Carroll's fascination with the public dissemination of his net worth and business success is the number one priority in his life as of late.

His self idolization appears to connected to Roy's seeming need to be perceived as smarter or better than his contemporaries, while extracting rents from Greensboro's bottom income earners.

My guess is he is just more ruthless, has less scruples and possesses a conscience less likely to get in the way of acquiring money and power.

Carroll may want to be a symbol of what is great about American society and its economic system.

For many, he’s the symbol of everything that’s going wrong, as he controls governmental initiatives through brute force.

I see Roy's actions with owning the Rhino Times as evidence Greensboro and North Carolina's Political System isn't a Democracy, or that our country isn't a constitutional republic.

John Hammer is a lobbyist for what looks like a fellow with narcissistic and fascistic tendencies.

So are the Editorial writers for the News & Record, for Warren Buffett, who Roy appears to idolize.

Greensboro's population has been captured by crony interests on both sides of the political divide.

The City's manager has been captured by ex-city manager and Bryan Foundation lobbyist Ed Kitchen along with former mayor Jim Melvin.

A great example is Wilbur Ross' International Textile Group's years of free methane from the White Street Landfill, hoisted on taxpayers by former council member Don Vaughan, who profited from the deal with the governmental/regulatory defense of Nancy as a city council member on the Solid Waste Task-force.

The "Cone-Denim" House of Blues owned by the Scarfone syndicate is a monument to the lack of business ethics among our local political and business elite.

It seems as though council and City staff just don't give a shit as long as they reap the benefits, crumbs compared to what the benefactors make on these deals, as Greensboro's taxpayers pick up the bills associated with retention of power.

The City's mayor and key council members are assigned talking points from these entities who aim to extract economic rents from taxpayers via City management.

Our community's decline is an exhibit of capitalism in decay, as any company looking to do business here, who has done any research, will find it inhospitable unless offerings are presented to the local Oligarchs and the political campaign funds of their captured governmental cronies.