Monday, April 6, 2015

Taxpayer subsidized wealth; Greensboro, North Carolina

"Triad Commercial Properties will handle leasing for the building"

"To help finance the project, Goria is using a $600,000 city loan that will go toward preparing an expansion pad for the building."
Rhino Times Wealthiest List limited "to persons or couples who control wealth of over $100 million."

"Lowell Easter... until recently, the managing partner of Triad Commercial Properties."
What's Goria worth?

This is where everyone's taxpayer incentive money goes.

Samet got another $600,000 loan from the City.

Kotis got even more.

Steve Bell owned Zack Matheny.

Roy Carroll skimmed millions from Greensboro's taxpayers.

Wilbur Ross's Cone Mills gets free methane,
thanks to Don and Nancy Vaughan.

Blue Ridge is one of City Council's biggest contributors.

Kaplan got a couple million for a hotel.

Bobby Long
appears to be in on on the Megasite $22.5 million taxpayer funded boondoggle
outside the City's limits into another county.

Tanger's got a performing arts center half paid for by everyone else.