Saturday, April 18, 2015

The cost of nursing home care in North Carolina was $82,125 last year.

"...the Associated Press reported the median bill for a private room in a nursing home is now $91,250 a year. The information comes from the annual “Cost of Care” report from Genworth Financial. Last year, the median bill was $87,600.

The cost in North Carolina was $82,125.

$82,125 / 12 = $6,843.75 per month

In essence, senior citizens, at least those of middle class socioeconomic status, must suddenly become poor in order to pay for long-term health care.
"...the average cost of skilled nursing in North Carolina [in 2012] was $5,779 per month.

North Carolina contains 422 certified Medicare and Medicaid nursing homes.

These nursing homes have a total of 44,292 available beds for skilled nursing residents and at the time when we updated this data 84% of those beds were full."
Anything most older folks in North Carolina will be sponged
by the Medical Industry
instead of being left to the kids.

What most were thinking of leaving to their kids
will go up in smoke after a few months.

It's the last con, after our nation's children are charged by our 'doctors',
via Medicare and Medicaid,
for overpriced services paid for with borrowed or printed money.

We have collectively sold out our kids
while they play with their phones
and watch endless amounts of something else
on Netflix.

Frogs in a slow cook pan.