Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Triad City Beat's Ginsburg on Downtown Greensboro Inc; Same Siht, different day

Councilman Zack Matheny 
announced that he would apply for the CEO position
even before the search began.

Eric Ginsburg

"Committee searching for new downtown CEO

Downtown Greensboro Inc. has assembled a search committee for its new president and CEO, but Mayor Nancy Vaughan wants her role to be a voting one.

...When DGI held its last search, then-councilwoman Nancy Vaughan and then-mayor Robbie Perkins both held voting roles on the committee. But this time around, Vaughan, who is now the mayor, only holds a non-voting role.

...According to DGI’s 2013-14 financial summary on its website, the city of Greensboro provided 94.6 percent of the organization’s funding — a total of $1.1 million.

Councilman Zack Matheny 
announced that he would apply for the CEO position
even before the search began.

Eric Ginsburg

...Brame declined to name the other people on the search committee.  “I can’t say who is on the committee,” Brame said. “It’s a personnel issue. I am, I can tell you that.”...
DGI distributes taxpayer money to themselves.

Zack Matheny pre applies for the CEO job as a sitting City Councilman, 
who voted to fund DGI's giveaways to DGI's members, 
many of whom have contributed to Zack Matheny's campaigns.

Zack Matheny violated his oath of office by applying for the job
as a sitting council member.

The rest of City Council don't appear to have a problem with it.

If no one else on the City Council has a problem with it, 
something is very wrong with Greensboro's City Council.

They appear to not possess a moral compass. 

I guess they think that because Mike Barber can make money off taxpayers
with First Tee of the Triad at a City owned and operated golf course, 
it's okay for Zack to get a taxpayer funded gig as well.

Maybe they believe that if Mayor Nancy Vaughan
can make money from Greensboro's taxpayers 
funneled to her husband Don
via free methane for Wilbur Ross  
while Nancy served on the Sold Waste Committee,
it's okay for Zack to unfairly use his position as City Council member
to land the top DGI job.

Maybe they don't have a problem with a fellow Council member 
taking advantage of our communities mandatory funding
after Nancy Hoffmann used her position to benefit herself
via DGI's handouts to her tenants and business partners.

Maybe Greensboro's City Council
is just comprised of a bunch of crooks 
and accomplices who either are too stupid
or don't care enough to object.

Maybe some apologists who benefit from taxpayer handouts
say something like "that's just the way it is"
to justify this blatant crony capitalism.

The word methane has appeared on this site 
on 4/6/15, 4/4/15, 3/11/15 and 2/27/15
without objection from the mayor
and without the Greensboro's News and Record reporting it
after being informed in 2013.

Greensboro's News and Record shares in responsibility
for the sorry state of our local political dysfunction
via lies of omission and propaganda.

Our community has been sold a bridge to nowhere, 
which has financially benefited many on City Council
and their "supporters", with allocations of everyone else's money
to a small circle of "friends", and we're paying for it.