Tuesday, May 5, 2015

$150,000 more for the Civil Rights Museum? $10,000 plus police for the Wyndham which funds Mike Barber's First Tee?

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Not including the money for police at the Wyndham which Mike Barber profits from 
is misleading.


Dear Mr. Hartzman:

Thank you for your public information request regarding the Wyndham Championship. 

The City of Greensboro provided 4 bleachers; however, The City does not currently have a rental fee associated with them.  The City also donated 40 bike racks which are normally $15.00 to rent ($600).

GPD dedicated approximately 2,670.75 man hours to the Wyndham Championship, paying officers a total of $107,022.08.These funds were forecasted and allocated by the City as part of the annual budget for city-sponsored events.
It shows City funding for the Wyndham.

Wyndham's Chair is on Barber's board.

Wyndham gave to fund First Tee.

Barber's income comes from First Tee.

Barber's First Tee income is dependent on the City of Greensboro via Gillespie Golf Course and the City of Greensboro subsidized Wyndham Championship via Mark Brazil, who sits on both the Wyndham and First Tee of the Triad's boards.

Mike Barber needs to recuse himself again from funding Gillespie and any other Greensboro golf course he profits from, and anything to do with the Wyndham, which he profits from via Mark Brazil.

He should also recuse himself from any vote on DGI, along with Zack Matheny.

If they are allowed to vote, it's the rest of Council fault for not policing themselves.