Friday, May 1, 2015

A Better Idea To Solve Greensboro's Poverty And Food Issues

Today the News & Record is reporting that 3 non profits have joined together to focus on food insecurity and child poverty:

"Three local organizations are working together to tackle issues of chronic food insecurity and child poverty in Guilford County.

The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs of Greensboro is partnering with the city Parks and Recreation Department to expand its club sites.
The nonprofit Out of the Garden Project plans to serve club members a hot meal each week night, starting with a pilot program this fall. That organization also will send some children home with backpacks full of food, including produce and meat."

That's a good thing.

But it has it's problems, the first problem being this arrangement, like most "solutions" remains a drain on the local economy. You see, while all 3 organizations give to the needy, none of them produce. So the people who have a little must constantly give to the people who have nothing until everyone has nothing.

Doesn't make economic sense, does it?

But what if we were supporting a non profit that had the potential to actually make a profit and invested those profits in Greensboro's poorest communities?

What if that non profit could give money to its landlord, the Guilford County Agricultural Extension Service, the Salvation Army, the Out of the Garden Project and other local non profits in the business of helping Greensboro's poor people?

What if that non profit could start paying city and county property taxes on 20 acres of land that has never been taxed in the histories of Greensboro, Guilford County and North Carolina? That's right-- never.

What if that non profit could bring jobs to Greensboro's poorest neighborhoods? What if that non profit could teach people the skills they need to get a job or start a local business of their own?

What if that non profit actually produced healthy organic foods that could be made available to Greensboro's hungry children?

If a non profit could do those things we would have a model which we could duplicate to solve Greensboro's economic and food insecurity problems.

It can be done. But only if enough people will pitch in to help.

I've found us 20 acres of abandoned property in east Greensboro to work with, come out on Wednesday May 6, 7:00 PM, take a look at the property and hear my vision for Bessemer Aquaponics. Look for me in the empty field due west of the Guilford County Agricultural Extension Office 3309 Burlington Rd (Link to Google map: ) Long time residents will recognize it as the former location of the Polio Hospital and a nursing home both torn down about 40 years ago and left vacant ever sense.

What To Bring: a folding chair unless you prefer to stand. Friends, lots of friends. Raincoats and umbrellas if needed.

Who is invited? Everyone who is interested in creating jobs and bringing quality food to Greensboro.

Let's join together to build an Aquaponics production facility and the first fully accredited Aquaponics school in America. It's time Greensboro became #1.