Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Andrew Egbert, buddies with Mike Barber and Marty Kotis on Linkedin, shilling for Zack Matheny getting the DGI job

"There has been a lot made of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated over the past several years.

The selection process has been compromised
by the selection committee
which should disband immediately
before interviewing Earl Jones for the position.

It has clearly become an extremely dysfunctional organization.

I think it’s great that City Councilman Mike Barber reached out and told DGI to get moving with hiring someone to be its new CEO.

Mike Barber is a known liar and should be investigated
for trying to extort the DGI job for Zack Matheny
out of Cyndi Hayworth,
after Zack leaked Hayworth's lack of eductation credentials,
leaving her ineligable for the job
after Zack helped get Jason Cannon fired.

His job is to look out for how people spend taxpayers’ money.

Andrew Egbert is endorsing Mike Barber spending taxpayer money
on his personal income in violation of his oath of office, 
through First Tee of the Triad.

...For it to continue to grow, it will need real leadership.

Matheny should have ended all public comment
and any Council deliberations and votes
on his announcement of going after a position Zack helped create
by getting rid of Jason Cannon
and killing Cyndy Hayworth's chance at the job
by leaking information about her to the press.

It will need someone who can work with all aspects of development and existing business owners. It needs someone with a vested long-term interest in Greensboro.

I truly believe that person is Zack Matheny.

The News & Record 
allowed this Letter to the editor to run
without pointing any of these obvious problems out.

The DGI board should stop wasting time and simply hire him and allow him to start moving downtown forward.

Andrew Egbert
1705 Swannanoa Dr Greensboro, NC 27410

Vice-President at Reynolda Manufacturing Solutions
January 1995 – Present (20 years 5 months)

I hear Phil Berger Sr. is going to take care of this
if and when Zack is offered and accepts the DGI job.

Previous; Dick Broadcasting Company
January 1989 – December 1995 (7 years)

Education; Bishop McGuinness

Linkedin Connections;

Marty Kotis
CEO and Owner of Kotis Holdings

If he gets the DGI job,
no way in the world should Matheny be on the council as well.

It would be an obvious and blatant conflict of interest.

Allen Johnson

Mike Barber
Attorney and CEO/The First Tee of the Triad

Zack Matheny put his own interests 
in front of the best interests of City of Greensboro taxpayers.

Doug Copeland
President and Publisher at Triad Business Journal

Zack Matheny has a direct financial interest
in applying for a job he voted to fund
and then abused his position 
by commenting and lobbying other Council Members
on the continued funding of the job he wants,
and Andrew Egbert thinks that's a legitimate course of action.

Jeff Nimmer
COO at Kotis Holdings, LLC

Egbert endorsing Mike "Barber’s experience recommends election"

As Greensboro continues to grow, it is important with each election that we find the best people to fill our City Council. ...We are fortunate that Mike Barber is running for City Council, and I ask that you join me in my support.

Mike Barber just abused his position as a council member
to advocate via extortion for taxpayer monies to be allocated 
to a fellow council member
positioned to compete for the same council spot
under Trudy Wade's redistricting plan,
and Andrew Egbert appears to be okay with it.
...He has chaired boards, commissions, The Wyndham Championship and annual giving campaigns.

Two local for-profit media sources 
have confirmed Mike Barber has a habit of lying.

...His public service has been conscientious, balancing investing in quality of life opportunities, while carefully and conservatively managing our tax dollars..."

Andrew Egbert


Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Jim Westmoreland
are directly responsible as DGI Board members. 

Abuse of office and political corruption by Mike Barber
who makes money from access to City properties
via First Tee of the Triad,
which the News and Record, the Rhino Times and Yes Weekly
continue to refuse to report.

Zack Matheny, Nancy Vaughan and Mike Barber
put their own interests 
in front of the best interests of the City of Greensboro.

Zack Matheny and Mike Barber should resign.