Friday, May 8, 2015

City Of Greensboro Looses To Bulent Bediz

The City of Greensboro faced the judge today and lost in 2 cases involving Bulent Bediz. In both instances City Attournys were attempting to block Mr Bediz from going ahead with his lawsuits against the City but in both instances the judge ruled that Mr Bediz had a right to be heard.

Have no doubt, when governments attempt to block lawsuits based on petty technicalities such as whether or not Mr Bediz should have hired an attorney or filed suit as a business or an individual there are things about the case they desperately don't want you and I to know.

I think we all now know the real problem in Glenwood was never Bulent Bediz but was in-fact UNCG and the City of Greensboro.