Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dear Bessemer Curb Market's Harold Powell, buy some politicians or marry like Don and Nancy, and get some City of Greensboro money to maintain your business

Bessemer Curb Market fights to stay open


As our local press and Greensboro government has been compromised, 
if anyone has any new information 
concerning Nancy and/or Don Vaughan
on the White Street Landfill methane payoffs to Don
while Nancy covered the scheme on the Solid Waste Commission
or any other backroom deals the Vaughan's may be involved in,
please contact RecycleBill@gmail.com

"Wilbur Ross' International Textile Group owns the former Cone Mills plant.

"[In 2005], the denim plant employed 1,100 workers.

By 2007, ITG was “under significant pressure” from international market forces to move to foreign cities...

That July, the City Council agreed to give ITG the methane gas for free for three years...

The understanding was that the company would “make a good faith effort”
to continue to employ approximately 738 people “or such other number that is commercially feasible”...

It is one of only two economic incentives the city approved to keep jobs, as opposed to adding new jobs...

...In 2008 and 2009, ITG eliminated ring-spinning operations
and reduced its weaving capacity at White Oak.

Since then, the work force has shrunk to about 300 employees.

If Greensboro gives away $1,785,000 worth of gas
to not lose 150 relatively low paying jobs,
and the city chose to leverage gas money into small business new hiring instead,
could Greensboro create by far more higher paying jobs
instead of hopefully “retaining” 150 for $11,900 per job per year 
($1,785,000 / 150)
for the same amount of money?

George Hartzman
On a December 7, 2010 Greensboro City Council Agenda Item #24

...the gas represents an opportunity for businesses
angling to take over the potentially lucrative job of handling Greensboro’s waste.

Companies have proposed selling the gas or using it to generate electricity,
something that the city of Winston-Salem is doing at its landfill.

One company’s proposal suggested the city could earn $650,000 a year
with a gas-to-electricity program."

Amanda Lehmert

7/6/2013; League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad Candidate Questionna​ire and Answers

7. What are your ideas for handling Greensboro waste disposal?

Some of Don and Nancy Vaughan's income has been directly associated with lost tax revenue from free White Street Landfill methane for Cone Mills. 

Nancy should step down from the Waste Management and Recycling Task Force and should be investigated.
1) Apart from budgetary issues, what one thing would you like to accomplish, and how?

Save city employees more than $500,000 per year in their 457 retirement plan by lowering excessive fees.

"The decision to switch from an RFP in February to an RFQ was based in part on input from the Waste Management and Recycling Task Force, a citizens' committee charged with exploring the methane issue along with garbage disposal and recycling.

...The task force's council liaison, Councilmember Nancy Vaughan, whose husband state Sen. Don Vaughan represents ITG and has represented it in its contract negotiations for the gas worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, said she liked the fact that an RFQ would bring experts with experience in multiple alternatives to the table, since the city doesn't have methane experts.

However, she said, she had forgotten that the council voted for an RFP in February.

...Vaughan said the recycling and waste disposal contracts had taken attention away from methane this year. "Staff was busy working the hauling contract and the recycling contract, and then this thing was kind of a third leg," she said."

John Hammer
November 21, 2012
"The city also found out from the Waste Management and Recycling Task Force that the White Street Landfill was the largest landfill in North Carolina that did not have a program to sell its methane.

The White Street Landfill generates about $2 million worth of methane a year, about 40 percent of that is given to the International Textile Group that runs the old Cone Mills White Oak plant, and the rest is burned.

...Money is supposed to be tight, but the city is giving away and burning $2 million worth of gas a year.

John Hammer
July 18, 2012

The Task Force consists of the following people, listed with the council members who
appointed them:

1. Kay Brandon (by Yvonne Johnson)
2. Alyson Best (by Nancy Vaughan)
3. Dr. Bob Davis (by Jim Kee)
4. Vic Nussbaum (by Nancy Hoffmann)
5. Jim Lewis (resigned mid-term) (by Zack Matheny)
6. Bob Mays (by Trudy Wade)
7. Tony Davies (by Marikay Abuzuaiter)
8. (Vacated) (by T. Dianne Bellamy-Small)
9. Mark Taylor (by Mayor Robbie Perkins)

Council Liaisons to the task force are T. Dianne Bellamy-Small and Nancy Vaughan."

"At its December 7 meeting, Greensboro City Council adopted a resolution authorizing the continued distribution of free methane gas from the City's landfill to be used to power the International Textile Group's White Oak Plant. The $1.8 million worth of methane gas will sustain the plant for another year and retain nearly 300 jobs."


If Mayor Nancy Vaughan
can make money from Greensboro's taxpayers
funneled to her husband Don
via free methane for Wilbur Ross and ITG execs
while Nancy served on the Sold Waste Committee,
it's okay for Zack to unfairly use his position as City Council member
to land the top DGI job
and Mike Barber to profit from taxpayer funded golf courses?

Ever wonder why the News & Record, 
the Rhino or Yes Weekly haven't reported news
of local corruption involving politicians they endorsed?

Is Marty Kotis making money from the City
for ads on his billboard?

Is Roy, after getting free Coliseum tickets
in exchange for Rhino ads?

Anyone sick of this shit?