Thursday, May 21, 2015

DGI Update; In blow to Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Zack Matheny, John Lomax found to be ineligable to join board

"Turns out John Lomax, appointed to DGI board Tuesday, IS ineligible under DGI by-laws until December. Served a term too recently. ‪#‎GSOPol‬

Lomax, a developer with big downtown ties, served on the 2013-2104 board. A gap of 2 years is needed before he can serve again.

Lomax is here at the DGI board meeting today, but just observing. Developer Andy Zimmerman was confirmed as a new board member."

..."DGI board now back from the closed session. No announcement on CEO, but that was expected. An offer will have to be made, accepted. ‪#‎GSOPol‬"

Joe Killian

Nancy Vaughan should have known better
than to try to appoint one of Zack's business partners
and campaign contributors
right before a vote for Zack into DGI's top job.

On Zack, Mike, Nancy Vaughan and Jim Westmoreland; § 14-234. Public officers or employees benefiting from public contracts

I believe Zack Matheny and Mike Barber violated § 14-234 relative to Zack's pursuit of the DGI job.

Dear Mike Barber and Zack Matheny; North Carolina Law § 14-118.4. Extortion; Favoritism and Crony Capitalism