Saturday, May 2, 2015

Did Zack Methany Set Out To Take Jason Cannon's Job?

The News & Record's Amanda Lemhert blogged in 2013 that Zack Matheny was being considered for the top spot at Downtown Greensboro Incorporated but Councilman Matheny got passed over when they hired Jason Cannon instead.

Then a few months back I broke the story that Jason Cannon had lied on his resume to get the job and all hell broke loose. Who knew Jason lied? Among others, then Mayor Robbie Perkins, current Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan and Councilman Zack Matheny.

Since 2013 Zack's business has went to shit. The incentive package for Gerblings Heated Clothing fell through as did the $1.9 Million Dollar incentive deal to build the downtown Wyndham hotel. Zack has lost tens of thousands in commissions on these deals. Rumor has it he's in to Rocky Scarfone for quite a piece of change that Rocky is calling "forgivable loans." Zack is desperate to find a job.

Of course, in the interum Jason Cannon was replaced by Cindy Hayworth who is claiming that Councilman Mike Barber was attempting to force DGI to hire Zack as Cindy's boss. And quite frankly, even if Cindy is telling the truth about not wanting the top spot I can promise you she does not want to work for Zack as she and Zack despise each other. Mark my word, if Zack Matheny is hired the next big headline coming out of DGI will be Cindy Hayworth's leaving.

So that brings me back to Zack and Jason. I know who leaked Jason's origional resume to me and it wasn't Zack. But was Zack the person who gave it to my source?

I'm not going to ask my source to divulge that information as that's how this business works. People leak things for various reasons-- not always the right reasons-- and we make from it what we may. Whoever gave my source Jason's resume trusted my source to keep his or her name a secret and giving up sources dries up sources but there is reason to believe Zack Matheny was the original source of the leak in this article by Yes Weekly:

"Matheny was Cannon’s biggest critic and part of the reason Cannon received an unusual settlement agreement when he resigned. Cannon threatened to sue the city and DGI because he felt Matheny caused him to have a hostile work environment. Once Cannon resigned, Matheny started his campaign for the position."

Unusual settlement agreement? Sue the City? Hostile work environment? What has Zack Matheny not told us and is he the one who started the chain of events that got Jason Cannon fired when I posted that Jason had lied on his resume?

Councilman Matheny, you've got some 'splain' to do.