Friday, May 15, 2015

News & Record; "$150,000 to the International Civil Rights Center & Museum. The money would be a gift..."

"Councilman Mike Barber also noted that DGI created its own budget just weeks before it was set to hire a new executive director. Barber called that “illogical” and said it reflects DGI’s “poor planning” and “poor leadership.”

Margaret Moffett
“Every speculative bubble rests on some kind of a fairy tale,
a story the bubble participants believe in
and use as rationalization to buy extremely overvalued stocks or bonds
 or real estate,” Mr. Vogt argued.

“And now it is the faith in the central-planning capabilities
 of global central bankers.

When the loss of confidence in the Fed, the ECB etc. begins,
the stampede out of stocks and bonds will start.

I think we are very close to this pivotal moment in financial history.”