Thursday, May 7, 2015

Things Are Looking Up

Rumor has it that the City of Greensboro screwed up when trying to enforce articles 17 and 30 against Bulent Bediz recently. Seems the law doesn't allow the two articles to be enforced together. That and the fact that video evidence of Mr Bediz's arrest contradicts GPD's claim that he kicked a Greensboro Police Officer isn't going well for the City.

Selective enforcement, passing new ordinances designed to target specific persons, automobiles stolen by Greensboro Code Enforcement officials... these are the things lawsuits are made of. Bediz and his attorneys have more than enough ammunition to bring the city to its knees.

And he's got more surprises in store.

Across town we had a successful meeting of Bessemer Aquaponics with several interested people showing up last night, all excited about the possibility of bringing jobs and organic, local foods to Greensboro. Look for an upcoming article about it in the July issue of O'Henry Magazine.