Friday, June 12, 2015

Guess I Was Right About Zack Matheny

Yesterday I asked, "Is Zack Matheny's Replacement Rigged?"

Today, Tim Bryson, a candidate for Matheny's seat, confirms my suspicions:

 “Please note that after speaking to a number of parties involved in this process and realizing that a replacement has already been determined, I am too busy in my business to go through the process and spend any more time.”

Triad City Beat also questions the process:

 "Triad City Beat has heard rumors of other people interested in the post, but as of 11 a.m. today, the city clerk said nobody else has turned in paperwork. (If you are a contender and aren’t listed, please let us know.)"

Guess I was right again.

Update: Tim Bryson forwards the follwing e-mails to me:

"Resume interest in filling the City Council Sport of Zach Matheny

"Madam Clerk,
Please find a brief resume/listing of my experience for the City Council seat currently held by Zach Matheny.  Upon the recommendation of Nancy Vaughan, I am sending this to you for consideration.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding it, please feel free to reach me at the number listed below.

I live in this district and because of prior experience working within the City, feel I could fulfill this position.

Thanks for your time!

Tim Bryson"

And his resignation:

"Subject: Re: Resume interest in filling the City Council Sport of Zach Matheny

Madam Clerk,

Please find the attached note below.  My apologies in waisting your time in including me in this process.  Would you kindly REMOVE my name from this selection?  I understand the period to apply will end Tuesday therefore, I am sure there will be a lot more people interested with a lot more time. 

Again, my apologies.  

Thanks you for your time.

I am sorry but Mr.Wilkins has not responded to my request as of this writing so I do not have his email address.  Would you please notify him as well. 

Tim Bryson"
It was Tony Wilkins and not Tim Bryson who spoke with Triad City Beat. Tim writes to me:

"Keep in mind, no reporter EVER contacted me, my plug was thanks to Tony Wilkins!"
I'm hearing that  Tom Phillips is currently dating Zack Matheny's mother while vying for Zack's seat on Council. It appears Zack my have to abstain from voting for his replacement.

And finally, rumor has it that Tom Phillips no longer lives in the district he has applied to represent.

Update 2: Tim comments below:

"Please make it known that I forwarded my emails because I wanted people to know why I really asked to be taken off the list. If a person has already been determined (which basically he has) then it is pointless to spend any more time on this"

In my book that makes Tim a hero in the fight against corruption in Greensboro. More people should speak out as Tim has done.

Update 3It's not rumor, it's confirmed.