Thursday, June 25, 2015

How Roy Carroll and Greensboro's big landlords make money from poor renters with help from the U.S. Government

Renter households in the Greensboro-High Point, NC Metro Area

Share of renters with cost burdens (%); 48.0

Share of renters with severe cost burdens (%); 22.5

Renter households with cost burdens; 52,900

Renter household median income ($); 26,000

Renter median monthly housing costs ($); 710
"...while inflation among most products and services may indeed be roughly as the Fed and BLS represent it, when it comes to rent - that most fundamental of staple costs - things have never been worse.

Don't expect the News and Record, 
the Triad Business Journal
or the Roy's Rhino Times to report this information,
as it's in their best interests not to.

...for American renters 2013 marked another year with a record-high number of cost burdened households - those paying more than 30 percent of income for housing.

...more than a quarter of all renter households, had "severe cost burdens, paying more than half of income for housing."

Berkshire Hathaway's News and Record 
didn't report how Warren Buffett preys on the poor;

...almost half of all renters can barely afford to splurge as they are spending 30% of their income just to cover rent, a number which surges to more than half of all income for a quarter of all renting households, of which increasingly more are Millennials... Millennials whose balance sheet liabilites include over $1 trillion in student debt.

...asking rents across the US have never been higher

which includes our local news sources,
owned by Rentier Capitalists
who endorse their favorite pawns to Greensboro's City Council
after our community's landlords line the pockets of the chosen
with campaign cash to funnel to the same news sources
to pay/bribe for advertising and endorsements.

...the rental "cost burden" of households making under $30,000 is the highest ever, at well over 70%..."