Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Matheny starts work [at DGI] on July 1..."

"...and from the announcement it was clear that Matheny has a lot of work to do to make DGI relevant.

...DGI Board Chairman Gary Brame took the opportunity to announce that DGI has a new flower-planting program for the downtown...

Looks like Roy Carroll may want to get rid of Gary Brame.

Brame also mentioned the nationwide search that DGI spent money on when the City Council, the funding body for DGI, had made it clear that Matheny was its choice for president.  So Brame expects to be congratulated for wasting time and money on a nationwide search and then agreeing to hire the person that the DGI board was asked to hire in the beginning...

Matheny was Roy Carroll's choice,
so DGI wasted the money at the behest of John Hammer's boss
which Zack voted for.

Another indication that things are out of control is that the announcement of the event and the press release handed out at the event were done by an outside public relations firm.  DGI has a communications associate on staff but also has a standing contract with an outside agency to put out press releases and announcements.


Interim DGI President Cyndy Hayworth said that the contract with the public relations firm existed before she came to DGI and expires on June 30.  Hopefully, one of Matheny’s first actions on July 1 will be to not renew the contract...

DGI is totally lost, and getting the organization back to relevancy is not going to be easy.

...The plan is for the current board to go away and be replaced with a board made up downtown property owners who pay the 9-cent additional Business Improvement District (BID) tax.

Almost all white.

The other major change will be in eliminating funding from the city’s general fund for DGI and having DGI operate on the BID tax money alone, which is about $800,000 a year..."