Saturday, June 13, 2015

Speaking of attorney/client related conflicts of interest; Zack Matheny and Jason Outling Edition

"...Since the plan is to pick his replacement at the Tuesday city council meeting, Matheny said he does have some concerns about a potential conflict of interest that contender Justin Outling holds.

Zack Matheny, a sitting Greensboro City Councilman, 
an elected official who voted to fund DGI,
placed himself in a position where his future employment
became dependent on taxpayer money
and permission from his collegues
who stand to gain by removing him from Trudy's District 4.

Outling is a lawyer with Brooks Pierce law firm, the same firm that represents Downtown Greensboro Inc. Matheny is resigning from his council seat because he is in negotiations with DGI about the open CEO position, and said he is concerned that Outling also might have to recuse himself from voting on the city’s annual budget for a conflict of interest.

While serving as Councilman
and City Council's DGI Liaison,
Mr. Matheny hired someone from Tuggle Duggins
to negotiate Zack's DGI contract, supposedly 
whose firm has/had adversarial business before City Council
for Roy Carroll, Bob Isner and Bob Chapman.

Mike Fox appears to also be affiliated 
with Yvonne Johnson's One Step Further.

“That’s a concern,” Matheny said. “I’m stepping down because of a perceived conflict of interest, so this is a legitimate concern.”

All this after interim DGI CEO Cyndy Hayworth 
publicly accused City Council member Mike Barber of extortion 
over the job for Zack, 
and after Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan, 
who has received campaign contributions 
from Tuggle Duggins attorneys and Roy Carroll 
via the Triad Good Government PAC, 
unsuccessfully attempted to appoint John Lomax,
a Matheny business partner and campaign contributor/crony 
to DGI's board before the meeting on hiring Matheny.

Matheny added that he would like to spend his final days on council without conflict, and leave the position feeling positively about the city’s future as well as his own. He’s not even sure if he’ll be voting on the contenders for his seat, especially if there is a perceived conflict with him voting on Phillips or Outling."

Zack Matheny voted for Tuggle Duggins' client's projects
and has now enlisted the same firm 
to represent Zack's own interests for an unknown sum of money, 
which may have been heavily discounted,
considering Matheny has done such a good job giving everyone else's money
to Tuggle Duggins' clients, which includes Roy Carroll
who intends to own the new CEO 
of taxpayer funded DGI in a few days.

Zack voted to give Mike Fox's Roy Carroll
a City street for free, before hiring Fox's firm to represent him
after accepting years of campaign contributions from Roy Carroll
and Tuggle Duggins's attorneys via the Triad Good Government PAC.

If Tuggle Duggins's Mike Fox is representing Zack Matheny, 
in negotiations with Greensboro taxpayer funded DGI, 
and is also representing others with claims against the City
at the same time, which Zack involved himself with,
how are Matheny's actions not blatant conflicts of interest,
especially considering his new found piousness
in the face of competition to the appointment
of his mom's boyfriend?

Matheny didn't end public comment
and/or Council deliberations and votes
on his announcement of going after a position Zack helped create
by conspiring to get rid of Jason Cannon
and killing Cyndy Hayworth's chance at the job
by leaking information about her education credentials to the press.

Yes, this is really happening.