Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Triad City Beat's Brian Clarey Asking for Taxpayer Money

"People love to talk about the free market, those raw, capitalistic forces of supply and demand that shape our nation’s economy.

Which doesn't exist 
in the United States of America.

...Government can regulate businesses out of existence with taxes or restricting legislation.

Conversely, laws can be passed that are favorable to one sector or another...

And in this plutocracy we’ve created, those corporations that have grown more powerful than the government can manipulate the game at every level.


The cities of the Triad routinely give handouts in the form of tax incentives, reduced or free rent, sweetheart loans, prioritized municipal services like water and waste collection, public transportation to facilities, and sometimes just a straight-up payout. One Greensboro developer was even given a well-traveled downtown street to accommodate one of his projects.

Roy Carroll.

Often lost in this government bounty are the small businesses and cultural bit-players who occupy the tiers beneath the outsized egos and powerful interests that dominate any city conversation about economic development.


Small, grassroots businesses ...need a leg up.

We’ve been plugging micro-grants and microloans — small but meaningful amounts of money for local businesses and artisans — for this very reason.

...City budgets range from $340 million in High Point to more than $400 million in Greensboro.
Surely each city can carve off a small fraction of a percentage, say $100,000, to be earmarked for 10 micro-grants of $10,000 each— a meaningful amount of money to a home brewer or clothing designer — to be awarded to entrepreneurs based in the city.

To take business from other entrepreneurs
with taxpayer money?

Even if just one in 10 make it in the long run, our investment in our own people will have paid off.

At the expense of someone else's job?

...small businesses have been rising to meet the employment demands of the city...

It’s time we incentivize that."