Tuesday, June 30, 2015

True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 2

Now before we begin episode 2 why don't you recap the ending of True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 1, where I bring up the issue of Ben's alleged property ownership. There's a link there that will bring you back here when you're done. By the way, I've added a link to this series to the left sidebar of the website under the heading, Leading Stories, to make it easier for you to return to future episodes.

The issue of Ben's home ownership isn't important. What is important is if Ben told the truth about where he lived when he signed the Petition Requesting Housing Inspection which was used by the City of Greensboro to acquire a warrant to inspect Heritage House. Ben used the same address again in 2014.

You can click on any of these pictures to view full size.

And here's the Guilford County Register of Deeds info on Ben's alleged address?

Obviously Ben Holder does not own that home-- at least not on paper. If Ben thinks he owns that home he'd best be contacting a good lawyer as Jeffery Hatcher acquired that home by quitclaim in 2009.

One of my last replies to Ben on Friday night was as follows:

"Ben, you don't own a home either. There is no Ben or Benjamin Holder listed in the Guilford County Property listings. I checked, the home you live in belongs to some doctor despite the fact that you claim to own it. Yes, I live in my mother's home but unlike you I don't have to lie about it. She asked me to stay here when my father died. If not for her I wouldn't have returned to Greensboro and would be living in the mountains of Virginia today where I owned land.

Goodnight, got to go to work early."

At 6:42 on Saturday morning Ben began his day with:

"Lol...youre such an idiot...a doctor huh? You should call him and get your head examined.  Billy, you're a pathetic piece of shit. "
At 7:31 He sent:
" Dr Jeff Hatcher???? Hilarious"

Of course I wasn't yet replying because I had left for work at 5:30 and would not return until Saturday afternoon. There is a Dr Jeffery Hatcher in Greensboro who just happens to be about the same age as Ben Holder. Are they the same Jeffery Hatcher? Of that I'm not certain.

At 7:32 Ben writes:

"Your an idiot"

At 7:40 Ben writes:

"You're such an insignificant pussy.  You are a liar.  You won't correct shit.  I have less than four criminal charges.  You're a complete waste of time."

Remember: I'm still at work. Who's wasting time here? At 2:39 PM I came in from work and e-mailed Ben Holder the following:

"Now Ben, you do understand that every word you have written to me and every word I have written to you will be posted on my blog, right? At this point you are already in so deep that if you don't answer my questions you will look guilty in the eyes of everyone who reads. At well over 30,000 page views a month easily documented by anyone who watches the Blogger.com installed counter near the top left of the page that's a pretty fair sum. And with elections coming up the numbers will soon rise. Can your credibility as a journalist take the hit?
I'll expect answers to my first questions on Monday morning. My advice is to end the childish name calling and start thinking about answers to ALL of my questions as it can and will get worse before it gets better. And be sure to include documentation.
And remember Ben, you started this round when you assaulted one of my writers in Council Chambers last week.

PS. How many DWI's have you had, Ben? How many times caught driving while license suspended? Those are crimes too. And it doesn't end there."

Ben was quiet as a church mouse for the rest of the day. But he would recharge himself and come back for more on Sunday morning.

Yesterday when my rooster started to flog me, digging in those 2" spurs as he often does, I grabbed him up and put him in time out, solitary confinement in the chicken coop. There's hardly a day goes by that he doesn't stab me in my hands, arms or legs-- sometimes he sinks 'em pretty deep too. All the way to the bone.
That rooster sure frets about when he can't get close to his hens. He calls to the hens to comfort him but he's got nothing they want so they just ignore him so. A few hours later I let him out and the first thing that stupid rooster did was flog me again. He can't win but he's too stupid to learn better. He even crows as if he did win. I'm thinking I might rename my rooster Ben Holder.