Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Yes Weekly's Jeff Sykes on Matheny and Jason Cannon DGI email correspondence

"...Cannon, who was president and CEO of DGI until his abrupt resignation in February, was quietly given a six-month severance package despite the fact that his contract clearly stated he would receive no severance package if he resigned.

...Matheny to Cannon, after Cannon had issued a statement on Nov. 12 following a weekend of violence on South Elm Street;

“Jason, thank you for finally sending something out in regards to the events of Saturday,” Matheny, who is now the top choice to replace Cannon as head of DGI, wrote. “I look forward to your prompt response to my email this morning and other request. If I do not receive something within a reasonable time period, it will give me the understanding that you do not intend to respond, which, I would find disappointing.

Matheny had written Cannon earlier that morning, but had used his personal Gmail account. The original version of this email was not included in the results provided by the city, but was included in Cannon’s reply that was sent to Mayor Nancy Vaughan, council member Nancy Hoffman, and several city employees.

Though personal email accounts used by government officials to discuss official business have been determined to be public records, the city does not include them by default in public records searches.

Either way, Cannon replied the next day to Matheny’s scathing email, in which the councilman questioned DGI and Cannon about their lack of success.

Matheny had followed up on Thursday afternoon, after not having heard from Cannon.

“I have to say, as the City Councilman with over 80% of downtown, I had hoped we would have a working relationship,” Matheny wrote. “Since you do not have the courtesy to send me your priorities for the upcoming year, I can only imagine there are none.”

Cannon replied about four hours later with a detailed answer to Matheny’s list of questions. But it was his close that summed up the atmosphere.

“Councilman, I too wish that we could have an amiable working relationship,” Cannon wrote. “Based on every communication I have with you, it feels that our interactions are adversarial. I very sincerely wish that we could work together collaboratively to move downtown forward.”
Zack Matheny helped get rid of Jason Cannon to get the DGI job for himself.

DGI's Board is trying to reward Zack Matheny 
for helping to create the job Zack wanted for himself.

Greensboro's City Council has no moral compass.

Nancy Vaughan is knee deep in trying to get Zack the DGI job.

City Manager Jim Westmoreland is as well.

Zack Matheny is Roy Carroll's choice for the job.

Zack Matheny should resign.