Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Billy's Heritage House Prediction Comes True

On Saturday, August 9, 2014 I wrote the following about the closure of Heritage House Condominiums:

"Sharing the same building with Heritage House is Meridian Event Center.

The Greensboro business license for Meridian Event Center showed the owners to be Jawahar Muniyandi  and Shanthi Jawahar of Cary, North Carolina. They also own ISHA Homes LLC. which currently has title to 7 units at Heritage House. Previously ISHA Homes owned many more units at Heritage House having sold many to their current owners. Meridian was in-fact part of the "new management" that took over Heritage House when everything started going down hill so rapidly.

Jawahar and Shanthi made a lot of money selling off those units at Heritage House but running a business that caters fancy weddings to young brides and holding conventions must have been hard with all the reported goings on there. Besides, where are all the wedding guests and conventioneers to go after they get liquored up if there's no hotel next door to sleep it off in? Jawahar and Shanthi needed a hotel to grow their wedding and convention business."

In that same post I mentioned connections to Skip Alston.

On May 4, 2015 the News & Record published.

"On Monday, Alston said he and some investors have an idea in mind for the 6.7-acre site on West Meadowview Road.

Alston declined to reveal his idea, saying any discussion of his potential project is premature until the city controls the building.

Alston said his group wants to avoid negotiating separately for the 177 units, which are owned by 50-some different groups or individuals."

Today Jeffery Sykes of Yes-Weekly reports:

 (Photo, Yes-Weekly)
" Two of the concepts would add a total of 24,000 square feet of industrial space at the back of the property along Village Green Drive. One option would include a 15,000 square foot senior services facility at the southeast corner of the parcel next to the existing Maple Grove Health and Rehabilitation Center. An expanded outdoor component of the Meridian Events Center, complete with a year-round tent, courtyard and permanent buffer, would replace the demolished high-rise in the center of the property. The second option includes similar industrial space along Village Green Drive, but adds a 28,000 sqf indoor soccer facility in place of the Heritage House. Plans show two complete indoor soccer fields in addition to an entry plaza next to the drop-off area."

Okay, so I was wrong about the hotel-- they swapped it for a big tent and an indoor soccer center.

It's about time we got that investigation Councilman Barber and Mayor Vaughan both said they welcomed, but never happened.