Sunday, July 5, 2015

From a Facebook thread on Greensboro's redistricting

Doesn't it seem better to have eight small districts
for an individual to knock on every door,
than a few City wide swings votes for sale to the highest bidders
like Marty Kotis, Roy Carroll, Koury and Jim Melvin?

The new eight district map
is better than the current oligarch controlled
Barber, Johnson and Abuzuaiter at large votes

More expensive races = more control for the big money.

Less expensive races = more control for more than less.

Greensboro's redistricting 
messed up the City's crony pay to play and corrupt connections,
which in my view, was the purpose of doing it,
which is why Kotis, Melvin and even Carroll went against.

It's the best thing to happen 
for Greensboro's African American population in decades. 

Skip alston is probably thrilled. 

Trudy seems to have done a run around a legal challenge
by co-opting Greensboro's 'East Side'. 

The only ones crying racism 
after most realize what just happened 
are those with something to lose.

Greensboro will have at least 3 minority districts.

The City had 3 of 9 African American City Council votes before = 33%

Now minority representation rises to at least 3 of 8 = 37.5%

If 4 of 8 =50%

It certainly was a shameful process, 
but the net product serves its purpose. 

If most of City Council wasn't as crooked as they are, 
I would be up in arms, but there is no case to be made for piousness.

Mike Barber said Tony Wilkins was in on the bill, 
which means barber lied to the News and Record 
which didn't call Barber on it
which means the News and Record sacrificed credibility
to keep a corrupted political system in place
for Jim Melvin etc... 

As if most folks have any real idea what has occurred,
as our paper of record slanted the story.

Think Allen Johnson will admit 
the redistricting is  pretty good for Greensboro Blacks?

Nancy, How much did you and Don make 
from free White Street Landfill methane for Cone Mills
while you served on the solid waste committee?

Joe Killian, please note the question
the mayor has so far declined to answer above
on numerous occasions. 

Could it be that the News and News & Record
and Allen Johnson of the Editorial page
are purposefully not reporting what should be?

They knew in 2013 and let it pass.

We'll be just as corrupt in a couple of years
as long as our press withholds pertinent information 
like our mayor's public corruption. 

They probably won't inform 
our African American community about the statistics
showing a benefit for them. 

They still haven't reported on Mike Barber's First Tee, 
even though Barber has now recused himself twice. 

This isn't freedom. 

It's Orwellian mind control right here in little old Greensboro.

Wait till the new set of suckers sign up to try to run, 
and figure out Greensboro's press is part of the problem.

It has to begin somewhere with something.

I'll take "we shall see" over blatant unreported, 
not prosecuted corruption any day. 

The News and Record 
should have less influence over swing votes. 

Same with Kotis, Koury, Carroll and Jim Melvin etc... 

The less power they have to line their own pockets, the better.

George Hartzman