Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gillespie Golf Course/1st tee Short Course Grand Opening Talking Points 4/6/2015

Wade Walcutt, Interim Parks and Recreation Director—

Introduce yourself and welcome everyone to the event and to Gillespie Golf Course.  State how honored the City of Greensboro is to be able to partner with 1st Tee of the Triad and the Bryan Foundation to create this learning center and short game practice facility.

Reference that this partnership with 1st tee of the triad...

Extend a special thank you to the [Jim Melvin's] Bryan Foundation for providing the funds necessary to bring these projects to completion.

Mention that prior to the area’s construction of the short game practice facility, the area was used as a parking area and storage facility for Parks and Recreation...

Introduce Mike Barber, President/CEO of the First Tee of the Triad and Greensboro City Councilman to provide remarks and additional reference about the 1st Tee.
From: Brooks, Bob M
To: Barber, Mike; ""
Subject: FW: Photo
Date: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 12:46:13 PM
Attachments: Gillespie Ribbon Cutting Program.pdf

Please disregard previous email.

Please review the attached file and approve. Also, please confirm the Mr. Melvin is speaking

Bob M. Brooks