Friday, July 24, 2015

GPD Body Cameras Fail To Pay Off

Here's an interesting note concerning the trial of Bulent Bediz, arrested on charges of having kicked a Greensboro Police Officer.

As you might already be aware, the video provided to me by Greensboro Code Enforcement didn't show Mr Bediz kicking the officer or assaulting anyone in any way. And when I asked for in car camera video from the Greensboro Police Department I was told there was none.

I was refused police body camera video on the grounds that North Carolina State Law considers body camera video to be part of employee records and cannot be released to the public without a court order.

According to a witness who was in the court room there was a court order to produce the police body camera video for Mr Bediz's trial just a few days ago but no such video was made available by the Greensboro Police Department. Supposedly there was a glitch, a malfunction of some sort.

This is the 3rd occasion the Greensboro Police Department has failed to prove accusations against Bulent Bediz-- when is enough, enough? Why didn't the Guilford County District Attorney and the presiding judge dismiss the charges on the spot? Why have the prosecutors not filed charges against GPD and the City of Greensboro on Mr Bediz's behalf?