Thursday, July 9, 2015

"Greensboro [City Council] plans to sue state over council restructuring"

"The right to a referendum was taken away and the ability to redistrict ourselves."

True, but it isn't a basis for an injunction to stop the election.

"many council members said, it takes away Greensboro’s ability to restructure its own City Council and draw its own district lines. The new law makes Greensboro the only municipality in the state without those abilities, which are granted to municipalities in state statute."

Which is still not a valid legal reason to stop the election 
on the map passed by the state legislature.

“This is something we need resolved in weeks,” Carruthers said. “It’s in everyone’s best interest that we receive clarity in the form of a ruling.”

Caruthers represents the City Council.  

Not the City.  

Not the taxpayers, but the individual City Council members 
who stand to lose power.

“When the legislature has awarded the right of referendum to other municipalities but taken it away from the city of Greensboro, the voters and the City Council have lost the ability to petition the government for a redress of grievances,” Carruthers said. “That right is a foundational principal of this country.”

The voters and the City Council 
have the right to petition the legislature.

Either way, it doesn't make the map passed by the state illegal.  

The City is going to spend money to file for an injunction 
over issues not relative to the map or the districts
according to Joe Killian.  

I suppose they will make a disenfranchisement argument 
but it probably won't stand, unless they get the right judge
meaning it's probably a losing battle costing a lot of money
which will likely make a corrupt Mayor and many council members 
even more artificiality popular, funded by taxpayer monies.