Monday, July 20, 2015

I met with Ben Holder this morning at 11am, which he video taped

He wanted to discuss the following issues;

1. This email I sent to Marty Kotis, which I made public some time in 2014;

"As relatively recent ideological opponents, I thought, perhaps incorrectly, and it's ok if you don't want to, that the attached could be discussed/distributed at the UNC board, as the concept could increase the values of the system's retirement plan offerings, essentially giving state employees in our university system a raise.

It could also apply to your business, which could designate yours truly as a fiduciary to Marty Kotis, which would mean I could only give you shit in private.

Marty chose not to lift a finger 
to help thousands of State, County and City employees
save millions in their retirement plans.

Either way, I am looking for feedback on the contents, if you are interested.


2.  From; "Zack Matheny Lied, and Greensboro's City Council Intends to Let Him Get Away With It

Matheny sent a series of malevolent text messages
to one of the speakers, implying that he saw no reason
to ever support the citizen's projects again,
and that the two would henceforth be at odds
due to the property owner deciding to speak out against DGI.

I recorded the "property owner" in a phone conversation
after he chose to not call Zack Matheny out
for lying to the City via an information request
after he said he would release the text messages
and didn't.

In the text messages
Matheny directly stated that the criticism
jeopardized his potential employment with DGI.

Matheny says in his resignation announcement
that he wants to avoid a conflict of interest,
but that time is too far-gone.

Very few in Greensboro believe
that DGI has a rationale for existence.

...the cauldron of conflicts of interest
remains bubbling just below the surface."

Yes Weekly's Jeff Sykes
June 10, 2015
Considering the two subjects are both intertwined with the same person, I understand how Ben would have been set up to set me up to set up Greensboro's police department etc...

The problem is, Ben lied to Greensboro's police department about a crime that had not occurred through me, to obtain the interview.

The police showed up 
and holder was put up in cuffs and taken away. 

Here is the good part. 

About an hour later, a police car comes back 
and holder gets out of the front seat of the car. 

The cop got out 
and they apparently were laughing and joking. 

Chris Bailey
aka Ben Holder

Ben accused some Greensboro Police Department officers of corruption.

My guess is Ben will show some of the video at tomorrow's City Council meeting, which may very well end up as a positive end, as both Zack Matheny's ascension to a taxpayer funded job at DGI which his former colleagues voted for a few minutes after he resigned is a very serious issue our local press has completely ignored along with the City's retirement plan story.
The following letter from City employees has not been replied to since July 1, 2015, which is in the possession of the City's legal department;

An open letter to Greensboro City Councilman Tony Wilkins from some anonymous City employees invested in ICMA-RC's 457 Retirement Plan, who fear retaliation
On Marty Kotis;

Marty Kotis's $359,833.33 from Greensboro's City Council; Public Corruption Personified

How to purchase City Councilman Jamal Fox, by Marty Kotis among others

Some of the conversations between Marty Kotis and George Hartzman on his free water sewer outside Greensboro's city limits
If these issues resurface and something gets fixed, the adventure would have been worth it.
North Carolina State 401(k) replaced index funds with higher cost actively managed accounts in 2013

A Few Observations on Share Classes and Wells Fargo Stable Return Fund
from: Carter, Katherine to: "hartzman date: Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 2:20 PM
subject: Response to PIRT 4607

Dear Mr. Hartzman,

Thank you for your public records request (4607).

You requested, “all communications regarding city or DGI business from Zack Matheny's personal email and phone text message accounts for the last 90 days.”  Please find the attached information in response to your request.

There were no text messages responsive to this request.

Meaning Zack Matheny lied to the City 
while still a City Councilman
which the press, other than Sykes, didn't report, 
as his colleagues voted to fund his job
to eliminate a contender before this years elections
while City staff stood by and didn't object.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let me know.

Katherine Carter, Public Records Administrator
Communications and Marketing Department
City of Greensboro