Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jamal Fox misleads Guilford County Board of Elections and Greensboro's African American Community


"Friends of Jamal Fox" 2015 Mid Year campaign financial disclosure, which doesn't list an in-kind donation from White Republican Real Estate Magnate Marty Kotis;

There are 13 donations dated 2/2/2015, which appears to be falsely filed;

Sources close to Guilford County's Board of Elections are saying Jamal informed the Board that the event was a personal birthday party and had nothing to do with his campaign.

If it was a personal birthday party, why were financial contributions solicited in the Facebook invite?

If Jamal put "Friends of Jamal Fox" asking for donations on the invite, he appears to have misled the Board.

As Mr. Fox is acting as his own Treasurer, the filing looks falsified, if the donations at a party sponsored by Marty Kotis were misleadingly dated.

There is no payment to the Pig Pounder Brewery.

There is no record of an inkind contribution from Kotis.

Maybe Jamal doesn't want his Black constituents to see he has been purchased by a White Republican millionaire, who enjoys tapping into taxpayer funds through Fox's City Council votes, even though Marty controls more than $100,000,000 according to Roy Carroll's Rhino Times.

Don't worry Jamal, the News and Record didn't report it then, and probably won't now.

All John Hammer cares about is how much of your donor's spend with the Rhino.