Thursday, July 9, 2015

Joe Killian and Amanda Lehmert breaking George Hartzman's heart

Amanda Lehmert

Director of Financial and Professional Services Brands at RLF Communications
Member of Institutional Investor Journals, The Voices of Influence Linkedin;

"Institutional Investor Journals offer in-depth, original, and practical research in investment management and finance. Written and edited by world-renowned practitioners and academics, the Journals and special topic Guides are extensively read and highly regarded in the industry. Their cutting-edge analysis and strategic insights make them invaluable resources for institutional investors all over the world. Institutional Investor Journals feature articles by investment luminaries and Nobel laureates."

Group Members in Amanda Lehmert's Network;

Jacob Wolinsky

Jonathan Chevreau
Chief Findependence Officer at

Charles H. Green
CEO Trusted Advisor Associates

Kane Fenner
Principal at Brook Oak Real Asset

Jun Iwata
Consultant at RGP

Jaime Punishill
Head of Digital Marketing & Channel Management

Christine Song
Investment Management Professional

Adam Weiner
Portfolio Manager at EMSO Partners

Brian Grover
Owner, Broadreach Group, Inc.

James O'Shaughnessy
Chairman & CEO at O'Shaughnessy Asset Management*5lehmert%2F20%2F18a%2F964&trk=prof-groups-membership-logo
From Triad Business Journal;

Amanda Lehmert
Director of Financial and Professional Services Brands at RLF Communications

In her role as a director of financial and professional services brands, Lehmert will lead business-to-business accounts and implement marketing communication campaigns for clients.
Monty Hagler, President and CEO

Was Vice President for strategic communications at First Union in Charlotte
Michelle Rash, VP of Financial and Professional Services Brands

"She has coordinated successful media relations, social media, crisis management and brand development campaigns for clients in ...real estate, finance and law.

...worked at the Triad Business Journal and the Greensboro News and Record...