Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mayor Vaughan Blocked Me From Her Facebook Page... Again

Want to know why? She got tired of deleting my links to Eric Ginsburg's Triad City Beat article yesterday. Yes, I hounded her, posting the link no less than 6 times as she deleted it repeatedly. I even took the screen grab below before she had time to take it down. You see Mayor Vaughan doesn't want Greensboro voters to know the truth-- she never has. You can click on the photo to view full size.

I hope you've read Eric's article, Same as it never was: an ever-changing city council,as it tells the history of how Greensboro's minorities and working class worked long and hard for a straight district system only to get screwed by Greensboro's elites time and time again. What Eric doesn't say and probably didn't know is that Yvonne Johnson was herself against at-large representation until she managed to become an at large Council member.

You know, politics over people every time.

And then there's the numbers as posted by the News & Record's Joe Killian. Mayor Vaughan made every effort to ignore those same numbers when they were posted by EzGreensboro.com's George Hartzman last week and she still isn't talking about them this week-- why? Because they directly contradict our Mayor's lies. What's that? Where did the numbers originate? The Guilford County Board of Elections.

I've read the NC and US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments including the 14th Amendment and can find no clause that gives any rights to governments. The entire texts of all those documents is directed at giving rights to people.

Giving person hood to corporations was bad enough-- giving person hood to governments with their ability to tax, pass laws, regulate and in many cases, keep secrets from we, the people, will establish a very dangerous precedent that would without a doubt destroy democracy nationwide.

Whereas, the complaints expressed by the other side can always be undone in a future House or Senate Bill.

This law suit by our Mayor and City Council is an effort to stay in power at any cost including continuing to ignore the fact that Greensboro remains a part of the #1 hungriest Metropolitan Statistical Area in the USA while spending what could be $Millions upon $Millions on a law suit whose sole purpose is to keep Elite whites and a few token blacks willing to play their games in power.

The real threat to democracy comes from those who would do anything to stay in power, please share this post with everyone you know.

But Nancy Barakat Vaughan, Greensboro's elites and the Greensboro City Council would rather you not know that.