Thursday, July 2, 2015

Preliminary City of Greensboro District Statistics; Voters but not how many of whom voted in prior City Council Races and Thoughts

District 1; South East Greensboro; Outling vs. Hightower; Dem

Total Voters; 25,852

Total Dem Voters; 18,575

Total African American Voters; 19,649
District 2; North East Greensboro; Yvonne Johnson vs. Jamal Fox; Dem

Total Voters; 20,718

Total Dem Voters; 14,189

Total African American Voters; 14,297
District 3; Old and New Irving Park etc...; Hofmann vs. Barber; Robbie Perkins?

Total Voters; 23,813

Total Dem Voters; 10536

Total African American Voters; 4,618

Total Republican Voters; 6,043

Total White Voters; 17,237
District 4; South of downtown; Open Seat; Bellamy-Small?

Total Voters; 24,166

Total Dem Voters; 18,057

Total African American Voters; 18,773
District 5; Tony Wilkins; Locked, unless the News and Record among others goes after him.

Total Voters; 22,354

Total Dem Voters; 10.299

Total White Voters; 13,369

Total Republican Voters; 5,779

Total Unaffiliated Voters; 6,167
District 6; Up For Grabs in Skip Alston's neighborhood?

Total Voters; 20,545

Total Dem Voters; 12,262

Total White Voters; 13,369

Total Republican Voters; 2,803

Total Unaffiliated Voters; 5,374

Total African American Voters; 10,280
District 7; Up For Grabs, Cardinal Area; Probably Republican

Total Voters; 23,671

Total Dem Voters; 8,507

Total White Voters; 19,168

Total Republican Voters; 8,132

Total Unaffiliated Voters; 6,925

Total African American Voters; 2,832
District 8; Abuzuaiter; Up For Grabs, Lake Jeanette Area;
Marikay's constituency is on the other side of town; Probably Republican

Total Voters; 24,978

Total Dem Voters; 9,246

Total White Voters; 20,472

Total Republican Voters; 8,723

Total Unaffiliated Voters; 6,909

Total African American Voters; 3,181
Three most likely Republican Districts, instead of one, with a possible RINO, for lack of a better word, in District three.

Three most likely African American Districts, with a possible fourth in District six.

What matters is how many of what persuasion of which kinds of voters actually voted and may likely vote this year.

According to most on Greensboro's City Council, the News and Record and the Rhino Times;

It was okay for Zack to have pushed for Tom Phillips as Matheny's replacement to vote for Zack's salary at DGI while Tom was dating Zack's mom.

It was okay for Ben Holder to get a 'shut up' contract with Barber and Vaughan's implicit blessing. 

It was okay for Hoffmann to vote for some taxpayer money for her real estate and business partners and compete for DGI's lease.

It is okay for Mike Barber to abuse his position to get taxpayer funded golf course time from which he profited.

It was okay for Nancy Vaughan to cover for Don's White Street landfill methane income from Wilbur Ross' ITG.

Our local government and press is corrupt.

Four wide open districts.

The redistricting provides an opportunity to exchange some cronies with some non bought and paid for new blood. 

Well done, as far as shaking up a crooked local government. 

If Outling can beat Hightower in District one, he will have earned it.