Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The big money D and R contributors are very interested in keeping the Greensboro's districts just like they are.

It's a statistical fact.

As a generality, it's the News and Record, Koury, the Bryan Foundation and the Megasite profiteers on one side and Marty Kotis and Roy Carroll on other if they are not really one and the same.

It's like the NFL, both Leagues profit from the same centrally controlled revenue.

None of our oligarchs are for the redistricting,
 as it opposes their lock on political and financial power
over the City's $280,000,000 war chest.

The same money the News and Record and the Rhino
never informed the electorate of for years now.

Most of our local for profit press treats Greensboro's electorate
like a bunch of dumb-asses.

Compare the News and Record and Rhino
caring for Redistricting over the Protest Petition
keeping our community's attention away from the levers of control.

Connected Landlords vs The Unconnected Poor

Jim Melvin and the News and Record etc...
can control the outcome of a referendum

They are pretty good at it from lots of practice.

If Joe Killian and John hammer don't ask the right questions,
Nancy Vaughan, Hoffmann, Barber Yvonne and Zack
never had to worry about having to supply any unflattering answers.

We have no transparency on the private interests involved
with the Megasite deal, enabled by the News and Record and Roy's Rhino.

It's almost as if it's mostly always many of the same people.

Put the redistricting process on a shelf,
and the net is positive in the near term.

Less corruption by getting rid of some real crooked pols,
who lied on the parking revenue estimates for Gpac.

Mike barber admitted he misled Greensboro's voters
on the Aquatic Center.

Nancy and Don Vaughan on the take from White Street methane.

We have been misled by the news and record.

Why wasn't there a referendum for GPAC,
if there should be a referendum on Redistricting?