Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Life And Times Of Councilwoman Sharon Hightower

And Why Did The Rest Of City Council Keep It A Secret

Did you know District 1 Councilwoman Sharon Hightower has a criminal history of fraud? The linked documents below show no less than 4 counts of Fraud to obtain Employment Security Benefits.

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Now check out Councilwoman Hightower's explanation but be sure to notice that I questioned her not about fraud concerning Employment Security Benefits but about Food Stamp Fraud. Also notice the list of recipients including the Mayor and City Council who have been keeping this a secret since September of 2014. Click on the images to view full size:

 What kind of mayor and city council knowingly keeps histories of fraud and corruption by their own members hidden from public view? You can talk about democracy all you want but democracy requires truth and open government in order for democracy to work.

And if our mayor and city council are willing to hide this what else are they willing to hide?

You should have taken the story when I offered it to you, Ben Holder, now you're left looking as if you held it to protect Nancy Barakat Vaughan.