Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tony Wilkins vulnerable to a well funded White Democrat in Greensboro City Council's New District 5; 2011 actual voting numbers

2011 Election, without a few, small chunks of other precincts

Total Voters 21,238

Dem; 10,030

Rep; 5,791

UNA; 5369

Black; 5,789

White; 14,041
Total of 3,628 voted; 2011(Bill Knight against Robbie Perkins)

Dem; 1,813

Rep; 1,284

Una; 527

Black; 762

White; 2,796
Only about 17% of what is now District 5 voted in 2011.

If the opponents of the redistricting put their money where there mouths are, Tony could be unseated.

If Marty Kotis withdraws his support, as Marty opposed the redistricting, Tony could be unseated.

Marty will have a bunch of new Council members to purchase.

How is Jamal Fox and Mayor Vaughan etc... 
going to embrace Marty Kotis' money and help if Marty also backs Wilkins?  

Very easily.  

It all comes down to retention of power, regardless of who they have to sell out to.

Expect some more serious taxpayer dollars 
flowing into Kotis' pockets shortly,
compliments of those who want to retain their seats.