Friday, July 3, 2015

True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 5

Today our ongoing series, the True Confessions Of Ben Holder continue starting with an e-mail sent to Ben, Mayor Vaughan, Councilwoman Hoffman, Councilman Barber, George Hartzman, Councilwoman Hightower, Councilwoman Abuzuaiter and myself from Sal Leone:

"I think we all should come together and find a way to get along. We all as citizens of this City should be working to make Greensboro better and the best City in the State. We have lots going on in Greensboro that will make this City even better in the near future and we should focus on that. There has been plenty negative things said and we need to think positive. I am willing to work things out with all so we can put the past behind us and work on the future. As per Ben well I am willing to sit and work things out if he can refrain from attacking me both physically and verbally. As per City Council well I hope we can move forward with forgiveness and find a way to work together because working apart gets no place. The City elections will soon be upon us and if some or all are re-elected then so be it, the people is what we should be all about, the we is more important then the I. So lets find a way, Nancy V has a good heart and Mike B. is a man of reason, so with that we can find a path to new found respect for each other. Lets all just sit at the table and talk like human beings."

I wasn't happy with this. Getting along is all well and good but getting along for the sake of getting along while allowing unresolved questions to go unanswered is what allows crony capitalism to thrive and prosper at the expense of the working class. I replied:

"I will post our entire conversation later tonight. That includes every e-mail Mr Holder has sent me that the rest of you were not privy to, every name calling incident, threat etc. If Mr Holder has not responded to my questions with documentation by that time he, Mr Barber and Mayor Vaughn will look even more guilty than they do now.

The time for setting down at the table was when these incidents first happened but all the involved parties chose to ignore me. I now have even more evidence than I had then.

Pick a side, Sal, you're days of playing both sides are over. If they can hurt you worse than I can then fine, chose them. Just remember, unlike yourself I'm not in this for personal gain or political office. Never have been.

This conversation will be posted as well.

I will now be away from my computer and telephone for most of the day so don't bother. You've all made your beds."

I have no friends when it comes to my search for the truth. I'm only asking questions-- if no one has anything to hide then why are people not answering?

On Monday morning at 6:51 AM, Ben Holder e-mailed:

Stop emailing. Thanks."

So apparently Ben has something to hide. I honored his wishes.But remember this conversation began with Ben hurling insults and threats at me and physically assaulting one of my friends-- not the other way around.

Anyone wanting copies of any of these e-mails can get them forwarded, no warrants or threats needed-- even Ben. Just e-mail me at and say, "Give me that fucking e-mail, Asshole!" Ben has me immune to being cursed at so I'll not take offense.

I have lots of questions I was hoping Ben could shed some light on. For example: this check from Heritage House Homeowners is written on an account managed by Paul Mengert, and Association Management Group, Inc. The address, 614 West Friendly is in the same building as 612 West Friendly which is jointly owned by Paul Mengert, Donald Vaughan and Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan who is listed as a partner in hubby Don's businesses. That's one of 2 checks I found and the News & Record never once mentioned any of this in their coverage of Heritage House even though I sent it to them myself.

Yes, I talked to Mayor Vaughan but her answers were just plain silly. I'd really like to hear how she explains this to someone else.

And I'd really like to know what qualifies Mr Holder to work as a consultant overseeing the work of code enforcement officers and crafting code enforcement policy when he can only verify about 11 months of experience working in code enforcement? Is code enforcement so easy any idiot can do it? If so they why is the City having such a hard time filling positions?

Maybe Ben will be in a better mood to talk by the time we get around to True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 6 on Monday.

Got questions for Ben? E-mail them to me.Got questions for me? E-mail them to me as well. Just remember, be they about Ben or myself, you'll not hid behind anonymity and hurl stones. Of all the things I can accuse Ben of doing I cannot accuse him of being an anonymous coward and you'll not use me to attack him in that way.

What's next? Read True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 6  to find out.