Friday, July 24, 2015

True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 7

We continue the True Confessions Of Ben Holder today with a lookback at Episode 6
where it was made known that Ben Holder did his job and did it well:

"Because of public pressure, Ben's contracted rate of pay was reduced from $60.oo per hour to $45.oo per hour. I have the documentation to prove it. And Ben paid his own expenses.
Ben then spent 16 to 20 hours per week as per his modified contract traveling all over Greensboro photographing and taking extensive notes on hundreds of properties as were assigned to him to visit by the Code Enforcement Department of the City of Greensboro. His records include well documented times, dates, addresses, conditions, etc. Ben even went so far as to throw in a few extras he happened to run across.
Ben did his job and he did it well. Whatever happened at Heritage House wasn't his fault and I've little doubt those at fault will soon turn up."

So I guess the next step is to actually show you Ben Holder's Criminal Record as Ben demanded I do.

Well, not so fast, first I'd like to talk about why Ben Holder no longer works for Yes Weekly and why he assaulted George Hartzman. That's right, click on the image below for proof that Ben Holder no longer works for Yes Weekly and read below to learn why Ben will probably never work in journalism again:

Recently our own George Hartzman met with Eric Robert and secretly recorded their conversation. Think what you want of George but it happened. (Eric is damned sure pissed off.) George then took the recording to Jeffery Sykes of Yes Weekly who used it in an article he wrote about Zack Matheny, Jason Cannon and Mike Barber without citing either George or Eric directly.

As Ben Holder worked with Yes Weekly he learned where the recording came from and went running back to Eric Robert with the news that Eric had been recorded without his knowledge. Now never mind the fact that Ben Holder has admitted to having worn a wire on numerous occasions and has even bragged about doing so or that doing so is perfectly legal, Ben broke one of the most precious tenants of journalism by reviling a source.

Ben's bosses, Jeffery Sykes and Charles Womack were without a doubt upset. How much so I can't say because I've discussed this with neither of them.

Ben, being the sort who can never accept blame for his own mistakes, and being in hot water with his boss decided to take it out on George. That's when Ben assaulted George in City Council Chambers a few weeks ago. But Ben wasn't fired yet as Charles was still willing to give Ben another chance because Charles did not yet know about the assault.

You see, George wasn't really hurt and George is a happy go lucky sort of guy who just lets things roll off his back. But Billy Jones isn't. Billy gets pissed! As Ben Holder is about to find out, Billy Jones is your worst nightmare.

For you see it wasn't George Hartzman who informed Charles Womack of the assault and pushed him to fire Ben Holder, it was Billy Jones. George was going to let it go but I wouldn't have it, not under any circumstances. I'm the one who first told Charles that Ben Holder assaulted George Hartzman.

I did the very same thing Charles Womack would have done if a writer working for any other publication had of assaulted a Yes Weekly writer expecting the exact same results and Mr Womack acted just as any publisher worth his salt should and would have acted.

But what is Ben Holder doing now? Stalking George Hartzman because he is unwilling or unable to accept the fact that Nancy and company are using him as a tool to their own ends and will distance themselves from him the second he crosses the line. And he's too damned dumb to know who got him fired.

Because of North Carolina employment laws the kind folks at Yes-Weekly can only verify that Ben Holder no longer works there, now you know why he needs to be caged.

And Ben, I know you imagined the story about beating up the 2 guys at the bar the other night.

I want confessions, Ben. I want the truth. I can make your life worse than it already is. Is Nancy going to pay you enough to leave town for good?

Will there be confessions? Read True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 8  to find out.