Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Greensboro 91-- Raleigh 2

At first glance you might think Greensboro won but no that isn't the case. In Wallethub's 2015’s Best & Worst Large Cities to Live in Raleigh is ranked as America's second best city in which to live.

Things shore have changed in Raleigh in my lifetime. Folks here in Greensboro used to see Raleigh as a small town while Greensboro was considered one of only 3 cities in North Carolina. Now thanks to lots of shrewd leadership Raleigh is right up there with Austin, Texas which was ranked the best large city in America.

Things have changed in Greensboro too. There was a time in my lifetime when Greensboro was considered one of if not the best place in America to live.

Of course Greensboro isn't what is considered a large city so I looked up the Top 100 small to medium sized cities in the nation to see where we stood and there far behind Asheville, Durham and Chapel Hill was Greensboro ranked at #91.

Think about that when you consider voting for the incumbents on City Council this fall.