Thursday, August 20, 2015

Greensboro Mayoral candidate Sal Leone; "Jab at me if you want; I’m for the have-nots"

"...plenty have something to lose if I win.

The Rhino is owned by developer Roy Carroll
who (guess what?) makes money off the City Council;

Which means current City Council members give Roy Carroll
some of everyone else's money on a regular basis
in exchange for campaign cash, good press,
Rhino Times endorsements 
and hit pieces on anyone who opposes the pilfering. 

...I took a jab from another developer, Marty Kotis,
...about how many times I run;
Kotis also makes money from the good hearts of the council.

Marty does the same thing only different, 
with his commercial properties for campaign signs, 
hosting campaign contribution bundling fundraisers at his venues,
and ads on his billboard
in exchange for millions of tax dollars diverted to his projects
voted on by a corrupt City Council.

All of these people have a right to worry
because I don’t like giving the rich tax dollars
so they simply can get richer.

Ever noticed City Council enriches friends and supporters
while stiffing most everyone else?

It seems as though all they really care about 
is getting re-elected.

Small businesses are what I intend to help.

Some people can trash me but I am not for sale.

I plan on respecting tax dollars;
the gravy train is coming to a stop.

Ever noticed the News and Record 
doesn't report a lot of what Sal is talking about?

It's because they don't.

Our local press contributes to crony capitalism 
in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I will be fair on projects
and there will be no special favors for any developer.

We have to help the have-nots also, not just the haves."

Sal Leone
The writer is a candidate for mayor of Greensboro.