Friday, August 7, 2015

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse on the problem with Greensboro, North Carolina

"The majority does not rule in Greensboro -- at least not in the causal sense of actually determining policy outcomes.

The preferences of Greensboro's economic elites, as measured by the preferences of the City's 'affluent' citizens, have far more impact upon policy change than the preferences of average citizens do.

TPAC, GAC, the Megasite, Incentives, Subsidies etc...

In other words, the rich rule Greensboro.

The News and Record, the Rhino Times and our local television 'news' stations are owned and controlled by an aristocracy, and 'freedom of the press' is really just freedom of aristocrats like Roy Carroll, Marty Kotis, Warren Buffett and Jim Melvin among others, to control the 'news'  -- to frame public issues in the ways they want.

The appointed media managers, in turn, and the editors who, in their turn, hire and promote only reporters who produce the propaganda that's within the acceptable range for the owners, create the 'news' as the public comes to know it.

Our aristocrats are almost totally free to buy the political candidates they want. The 'right' candidates, plus the 'right' 'news'-reporting about them, has thus bought the 'right' people to 'represent' Greensboro under the disguise of  'democracy,' which Jimmy Carter now aptly calls "subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors."

Democracy is really only past tense, not present tense at all, as it's no longer a reality.

Though Greensboro's different 1% compete against each other for the biggest chunks of whatever the City has to offer, they all compete on the same side against the public, in order to lower the wages of their workers, and to increase their own profits.

With all of the many tax-exempt, "non-profit" "charities," like the Megasite and TPAC, which Greensboro's aristocrats established, none of them is warring to defeat themselves and their system of exploitation of the City's taxpayers.

It's the one thing they won't create a 'charity' for; none of them will go to war against the expoitative interests of themselves and of their own exploitative peers.

They're all in this together, even though they do compete amongst themselves for dominance, as to which ones of them will lead against the public. And the public seem to accept this modern form of bondage, perhaps because of the 'news' they see, and because of the news they don't see (such as this).

Our elite-controlled government, as opposed to in a government that authentically represents the public — can thereby fool many people into misconceiving what the real issue, the real problem is.

The aristocracy and its many fools don't want this enormous problem addressed.

Another way they misdirect it is to buy control over all of the parties that stand a chance of dominating the government, and so to create basically a ‘democratic’ or ‘republican’ controlled government which, in any case, is actually controlled by that aristocracy, even if, perhaps, by a different faction within it. Even if a different faction within the aristocracy takes control, it’s still the same dictatorship. Because the public is not  in control.

Our government does not represent — at least not honestly — because they don’t want the people to see how their sausages are made.

Greensboro needs to deal with it, but for this election cycle, it's too late."

Eric Zuesse