Thursday, August 27, 2015

John Lomax, Menace On Greensboro Streets

Just minutes ago John Lomax, while hauling his motorcycle on a trailer through downtown Greensboro, ran into a parked car then got out and started giving the old man in the car a hard time according to witnesses who called me.

Now because of the circumstances I don't yet know who GPD will deem to be at fault but here's what witnesses told me: The trailer pulled by Mr Lomax has no license plates and no tail lights.

Now there are some instances when North Carolina law will allow trailers without tail lights:
Daytime only
Trailers narrower than 96" Correction: 80" at their widest point.
Towing vehicle tail lights totally unobstructed from any angle
Lightweight utility trailers not requiring brakes.
Trailers with one axle only.

I don't know if the trailer pulled by Mr Lomax meets those requirements or not. But under no circumstances are trailers without license plates allow on public roads in North Carolina. Will GPD ticket Mr Lomax?

As usual, the rich elites feel privileged to break the law anytime they like.

Update: Friday morning

Accident Report No tickets were issued despite the fact that rich Mr Lomax was not displaying a license plate on his trailer.

Also, Zack Matheny and Dawn Cheny were on the scene.