Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mel Will Is Homeless

You still think Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan and the Greensboro City Council did the right thing by closing Heritage House and kicking out the rightful owners in July of 2014? Mel Will doesn't think so. She owns 3 units in Heritage house. She lived in 1 unit, rented a second unit and was remodeling the 3rd unit. Non of Mel's units were found in violation by City of Greensboro inspectors and yet she and the person renting from her were tossed out. Where is Mel living today? On Greensboro's streets. from Mel's Facebook page:

When Mel had a home she worked as a volunteer for Greensboro's Project Streetwatch 
going out with other Streetwatch team members in the middle of the night to provide food, blankets and other neccesities to Greensboro's homeless working without pay and asking nothing in return. Now she needs someone to watch over her.

And this is how Nancy Barakat Vaughan and the Greensboro City Council repays Mel for her selfless acts of generosity and kindness.  And this is far from the first time I've made the Greensboro City Council aware of Mel's plight.

Please share, please share this post with everyone you know so that everyone in Greensboro knows our elitist leaders do not give a damn about Greensboro's working class and would take our homes to fuel their greed.