Monday, August 24, 2015

Must Read; "Picking Apart One of the Biggest Lies in American Politics: “Free Trade”

"[Alexander] Hamilton notes that real wealth doesn’t exist until somebody makes something.

"A “service economy” is an oxymoron – if I wash your car in exchange for your mowing my lawn, money is moving around, it’s an “economy” of some sort, but no real and lasting wealth is created.

Greensboro's City Council 
has been subsidizing “service economy” type jobs, 
with low wages and most of the profit
funneled to the friend or campaign supporter
of individual City Council members.

Only through manufacturing, when $5 worth of iron ore is converted into a $2000 car door, or $1 worth of raw wool is converted into a $1000 suit, is real wealth created. Hamilton also notes that people being paid for creating wealth (manufacturing) creates wages, which are the principal engine of demand, which drives an economy...

Greensboro just blew $2.3 million 
to promote manufacturing outside the City limits, 
and outside Guilford County 
to please Jim Melvin and a band of real estate cronies.

...Hamilton noted that when people make things, they also earn money, which will be used to buy more things, thus creating a real internal domestic economy with things of real value circulating in it."

How many good paying jobs is Roy Carroll going to create downtown
with the help of local taxpayer money?

How many good paying jobs is Marty Kotis going to create
by pilfering taxpayer monies to put up a Sheets 
next to where a taxpayer funded highway is going?

These guys and others like them
are abusing our community 
with the help of a bought and paid for City Council
to line their own pockets
at the expense of other less connected or relatively moral local competitors
and the News and Record and the Rhino Times won't report it
for obvious reasons.

This is Greensboro.