Sunday, August 30, 2015

No Megasite Here

By Paul Meinhart


Here is a aerial video of our area, the 2000+ acres which are targeted for total destruction for the proposed Greensboro-Randolph Megasite and Greensboro city expansion project. Ironically enough, this video was made by the proponents of the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite. They are apparently glorifying just how beautiful and irreplaceable this land is. And this area is beautiful and irreplaceable. As you can see from this video, it is full of peoples homes and farms, trees, lakes, ponds, animals, insects, flora and fauna which can NEVER be replaced once bulldozed for a heavy industrial manufacturing facility. God is not making any more land my friends. This is what is at stake here if this "Megasite" comes to pass, total annihilation of this area....Tell Greensboro city leaders NO MEGASITE HERE!! Tell Jim Melvin, Sam Simpson and other land Greensboro based land developers NO MEGASITE HERE!!