Thursday, August 6, 2015

Switzerland's Central Bank owns the following stocks, purchased with pretend money

If the Swiss National Bank created money out of nothing to purchase equities, how much have all the other Central Banks bought with fake money, while most actual investors are under the impression that money has to be earned, saved or inherited to invest?

This is now the world we live in, where what most believe is real, isn't.

If the world's Central Banks are allowed to prop up financial markets, like China for instance, with fictional currency imposed via a return key on a computer by some who can?

Historically, who will most likely end up with the short end of the monetary stick?

The poor or the rich?

The rulers or the debt serfs?

If all the money printing increases the prices paid by our children for homes etc..., and it's not really real, and our youth and middle aged indebted lower middle class figure it out, at some point an era of justified anger should emerge.

The Federal Reserve could just pay off all student loans if it wanted to.

Could pay off all the credit card debt.

Instead they keep the rich, richer, and poor, poorer.

That's how uprisings happen.

The big money contributed to our rulers comes from the benefactors of Central Bank printing "intervention".

The big money flowing from corporations and donors through politicos to fund the media industry keeps the masses calm, uninformed and spending with borrowed money.

Why would Warren Buffett want to purchase a bunch of money losing news papers?

Would he be protecting his financial industry and other consumer oriented investments via prior restraint through his owned information dissemination outlets which control the narratives?