Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Latest from Greensboro City Council At-Large Candidate Marc Ridgill

"...The local print media is lamenting the lack of candidates and already seems to be conceding the at large race to the three incumbents.  ...I do find an advantage in that the "at large" race is not subject to a primary.

In my view, a primary would have added more name recognition
to unknown candidates challenging entrenched incumbents.

...this is where I stand...

Stop putting off dealing with the Civil Rights museum.  This issue has dragged on and on and the folks running the Museum have continued to stonewall City Council, refusing to present their records while all the while insisting on more funding.

That the local news outlets refuse to acknowledge
Skip and Earls potential personal financial interest
if the tax credits and the debts are paid off,
has been journalistic malpractice. 

...I am on record as saying that not one penny more of taxpayer money should go to the museum while it is under its' current management.  I am also on record as suggesting a solution that would require city takeover and elevation in stature more befitting of its' historical significance.  Every sitting councilman should be asked precisely what their position is and that position published...


...This city government in general and our city manager in particular have thrown employees under the bus because it is easier to appease these bullies than to tell them to take a hike.  ...It is simply this city government's position to continue to give in to political pressure from a small percentage of our population for fear that they will be chastised publicly.

What specifically is the above in reference to?

Citizens should be given at least equal standing to developers.

Bret Baier: “And when you give, 
they do whatever the hell you want them to do.”

Donald Trump: “You’d better believe it.”


Too often our council has allowed rezoning of neighborhoods that have opposed additional commercial development when the economic impact on the city as a whole and that neighborhood in particular has been negligible.  There are several commercially zoned properties throughout our city that are capable of sustaining  new businesses and shopping centers without adding yet more congestion in areas that are already developed.

Agreed, but that's how capitalism 
and property rights work.

If the developer refuses to add his business in our city unless he can get his way and locate it in an area thousands of residents oppose, thank him and send him on his way.  We haven't lost anything that we did not have in the first place.  He needs Greensboro's business more than our resident's need his new store.

The property owners who want to sell for a profit
also have a right to do so, 
so there are two sides which both includes Greensboro taxpayers.

Show him other desirable areas in our city that his venture would enhance and add significant economic impact as well as help increase property values in those areas.  Stop giving in all the time.  One developer that cannot show significant benefit to the entire city should not take precedent over thousands of tax paying citizens.

Agreed, but you can't tell an entrepreneur
where he/she has to do business,
as many instances include existing business 
putting/stirring up citizen objections
to preserve the profit margins of a competitor
at the expense of what could be lower consumer prices
for most of Greensboro's taxpayers
by increasing competition.

You are elected to represent not preside.


...I have been in more homes, more businesses, more churches and had more one on one personal interaction with Greensboro residents during my career as a Greensboro Police Officer than all of the other at large candidates combined.  I may have more than the entire field of candidates combined.  To simply dismiss me due to a lack of political experience would be a mistake.  Many times a politician's perception of what the citizens are thinking is very different from what the actual concerns of the citizens truly are.


...Change can be enacted very quickly in an election where citizens are given a real choice or alternative to the status quo.


Improvement on our council can only be gained by balancing out political philosophies and eliminating the singular frame of mind that currently exists; 8 to 1 is not "balance".

Are you happy with our City Council?


Does "8 to 1" accurately reflect and represent ALL citizens of Greensboro?


You and your neighbors, friends and associates can make a significant change on November 3rd!"