Wednesday, August 5, 2015

True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 10

And so it is we begin another installment of the True Confessions Of Ben Holder

Well at least Ben and I are communicating again... sorta. At the end of Episode 9 I told you of an e-mail I was going to send to Ben. His reply came back in record time. As a matter of fact he sent 3 e-mails back to back, the first at 4:01 PM:

"Answer mine.  You're the coward."

Answer his what? I thought, I'm the one with all the questions. Then at 4:09 PM:

"Have you lost your medication again, lil bill?"

Nope, I thought, I take my meds every day but then I only suffer from depression and PTSD. It's Ben who is known all about town for being bi-polar.

I warned you Ben, I can and will make your life worse than it is today. Finally at 4:16 PM Ben writes: 

"Show my felony charge? You have no evidence, lil bill.  Good lord, your pathetic."

Ben really gets fixated on the tiniest of things and let's them throw him out of kilter. Probably off his medications again. And it only took him 3 e-mails to tell me. I answered:

"You're such a dumbass. I corrected that post this morning, go read it shit for brains and eat some more dingle berry pie."

Yeah, I know that was crude but sometimes you have to let people know you can relate to them by speaking in terms they understand.

Ben responds:

"Correcting your erroneous blogging errors is a small step to becoming a good blogger.  You have a lot left to do.  But, at least your attempting to correct your mistakes.  Keep trying, Billy.

Take care,

Looks like Ben's meds finally kicked in. I replied:

"If you answered my questions I could copy and paste without making mistakes."

Ben answers with a question:

"Why all the hate? Why all the erroneous posts filled with spite? What exactly do you want me to do? You're so wrong about so much its impossible to take you seriously.


I guess that means Ben Holder doesn't intend to answer my questions about his involvement in City of Greensboro affairs but rest assured I'll keep looking for the truth be it good or bad for Ben Holder. And when I find it you will be the first to know everything I find out about it.

How can Ben get off saying that everything I write about him is erroneous when I'm taking the actual screen shots from his blog and backing up what I've written with documents from the City of Greensboro? Are documents from the City correct when Ben Holder uses them and erroneous when I use them? Who has that kind of magic?

How can Ben act as if he doesn't know what I want? This entire series is full of questions-- I want answers.

As some of you may be aware I've been experimenting with Aquaponics in my back yard. (No Ben, the Mayor herself made sure no city laws were being broken a few years ago.) One of the problems I've encountered is not enough space for plant beds in relation to the size of my fish tanks. To remedy this I've been moving the entire operation to my uncle's farm in Randolph County. Problem is: catching tiny fish in 300 gallon tanks can become daunting as the spaces in larger nets are too big and smaller nets allow the fish to easily avoid the net altogteher.

The solution: Start draining the tank. A few of the fish will pop out the drain and the rest will be left in an ever dwindling supply of water making them ever easier to catch. And those most resistant to being caught will be left gasping for air on the bottom of the tank where they can be quickly scooped up and placed into buckets of water for transport to their better home in Randolph County.

Like my most stubborn fish, Ben Holder will eventually find himself gasping for air on the bottom of his tank.

Take for instance Ben's post, Hush Money, Part 1. In it Ben writes:

"After Mitch was removed for the office of city manager, The city brought in Rashad Young as the city manager.  Shortly after his arrival, I was contacted by the city and was told that the new management team wanted to find a better way to work with me.  They wanted to know what I thought of that.  I detailed to several staff members how I could easily and effectively help them fight blight in district 1.  Never once was it mentioned I couldn't blog, talk to media or the police.  They just wanted to see what I could actually do in regards to helping the city.
A model project was started where I would go out and find nuisances.  If the nuisance I reported was not listed by anyone else, I would get the contract to clean it IF the owner didn't clean it themselves in the allotted time.  The city would get 100's of free inspections and re-inspections.  I worked with the police and cleaned up several of Greensboro's most horrible situations.  I was a beast on blight and everyone knew if they wanted something done, they should call me.  I took a camera with me just about everywhere I went to document and show people had bad things were.  Below is one of the videos taken during that time."

Mr Young left the City of Greensboro in 2011. And Ben, you might want to edit that first sentence to read, "After Mitch was removed from the office." I mean, seriously Dude, I only have a fake high school diploma, you claim to have graduated from journalism school.

Ben provided a contract dated 3-26-2012 as proof of his business relationship with the City of Greensboro:  Supposedly that made it okay for Ben to go around kicking down the doors of apartment buildings owned by City funded non profits that were currently under construction and being refitted with new appliances.

Why is the contract unsigned? Did Ben never actually get the job? Jonesboro Landing opened on March 1st 2012, why was Ben kicking in doors before he got the contract? Breaking and entering is a felony, Ben should be charged with the crime he committed.

 The water is seeping out Ben, better start coming up with some answers, ASAP.

Then there's this June 4, 2014 blog post that Ben removed from his Troublemaker blog as if he had screwed up and had something to hide:

What's interesting about this is 1. Ben specifically asked Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan for instructions and 2.In this June 3rd 2014 e-mail to Mayor Vaughan, Mr Holder is expressing anger at her for not allowing him to get the Mel's Pressure Washing contract. You know, the same Mel's Pressure Washing story that Ben is credited for breaking by none other than the News & Record.

The retractons were done by the City-- I never understood their reasons as to why.

Was Ben promised a job by Mayor Vaughan and Mike Barber like Councilman Jamal Fox claimed?

The fish are naturally too dumb to know the safest place is to swim is into my net so that I might more easily carry them to a new home. Is Ben Holder as dumb as a fish?