Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"US factory orders fell YoY. Down 6.2% in June, the longest streak of declining factory orders outside of a recession in history."

Meanwhile, Greensboro's Roy Carroll buys apartment complex's for more than they are worth, while Marty Kotis keeps building retail space and opening restaurants which put other small business owners out of business, all with the help of Greensboro's City Council.

If our economy is not growing, which it is not, while our 1%'s use their credit lines to squeeze out smaller competition, our community will become even more of a debt slave community than it already is, with fewer and fewer entrepreneurs, while most of the free cash flow and profits rise up to fewer and fewer individuals and companies.

The worst of it is our aristocracy gets taxpayer monies to increase their parasitic tendencies.

Greensboro's taxpayers are paying to have our local economy pilfered at their expense, while our local press supports the effort, as they are too financially illiterate to know any better, don't care, or don't have the time to figure out what they should.